Myagile Partner arrive in english version

myagile partner in english
myagile partner in english

If you know me, my english is not very well but I try to improve it every day. For that, I decide to do an english version of Myagile Partner.

You don’t know Myagile Partner

Myagile Partner is a french company specialized in agile and devops. We write many articles on these subjects because we’re passionate by our job. If you want to improve your agile culture, I think you’re in the good place for that.

If you have many questions, you can ask us ; it’s a pleasure for us to respond you. Each question is an learning because we learn thanks to you.

A french version

If you can understand french, I advice you to read many articles that we write on the french version. It’s a very agile center in the web.

Go to French blog


Thank you to read our futures articles and not hesitate to help me to correct my english because I know that it’s not very good.


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