Agile customer journey ?

customer journey
customer journey

It can be interesting to do an agile customer journey to improve the overall vision of the project and to know the personas behaviors. But it’s not adapted to all project. I will show you what a customer journey is.

When the projects start, it’s not always easy to get a good vision of the project. This method completes other others practices like the Product Vision Box or Story Mapping. We will see these practices in the future.

Set up

Set up a customer journey is relatively simple because we will try to represent its journey within our application. Here is a simple recovered example that represents the customer journey on a simple ecommerce website:

customer journey
agile customer journey

I like the customer journey because it’s not necessarily a method for IT projects. We can also apply this method to define the customer journey of a hotel receptionist:

user journey réceptionniste
agile customer journey of receptionist

Depending on the methods, you can define a single way or several different ways. The most important is to stay as simple as possible in its representation.

Do not hesitate to propose to your Product Owner (and to the customer
representative that will help him) to use post’it note to define each state and the wall as support. It will make your customer journey’s review easier.

Why is this view popular ?

More and more agile projects embrace this new vision of the product; it is very easy for everyone to see the functional side of the product by putting themselves in the shoes of the user.

Its simplicity is really a major asset in some projects to understand the overall vision.

Conclusion agile customer journey

If you are launching an agile project, a view like the customer journey could help you to share an overall vision of the project. It is a fairly fast and very efficient workshop.

Do you use it to start your agile projects?

For information, it’s possible to use the term : user journey agile. Sometimes the term  of “user journey agile” is use instead of customer journey.


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