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customer journey
customer journey

Understanding Agile Customer Journeys: Enhancing Project Vision

Creating an agile customer journey can be a valuable practice to gain comprehensive insights into the project and understand personas’ behaviors. However, it’s essential to recognize that this approach might not suit every project. Let’s delve into what a customer journey entails.

At the project’s initiation, obtaining a clear project vision isn’t always straightforward. The technique complements other practices like the Product Vision Box or Story Mapping, which we’ll explore in the future.

Getting Started

Creating an agile journey is relatively straightforward. The objective is to visualize the user’s journey through the application. Here’s a simple example representing a journey on an e-commerce website:
customer journey

The appeal of the journey is its versatility—it’s not limited to IT projects. You can apply this technique to define a hotel receptionist’s journey:

user journey réceptionniste

Depending on the methodology, you can define a single path or multiple variations. Simplicity is key in representation.

Consider using post-it notes and a wall to define each state, aiding review during the journey discussion.

Why Is This Approach Gaining Popularity?

Increasingly, agile projects are adopting this approach due to its simplicity and effectiveness. This method allows stakeholders to experience the product from the user’s perspective, facilitating a better understanding of its functional aspects.

Its simplicity makes it a powerful tool for grasping the project’s overall vision.

Concluding Thoughts on Agile Journeys

When initiating an agile project, employing a journey view can enhance shared understanding of the project’s holistic vision. It’s a swift and efficient workshop technique.

Do you incorporate this technique when launching your agile projects?

Note that sometimes “user journey agile” is used interchangeably with “journey.”

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