Ice Breaker: Daltons icebreaker

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It is very useful to make an Icebreaker (energizer type) to put everyone in good conditions to start a meetup or workshop: here, we will talk about “the colorblind icebreaker”. Facilitators always make these Ice Breakers at the beginning of the session (workshop or meetup) in order to create a relaxed atmosphere  during the session.

In this article, I decide to offer you an Ice Breaker that I imagined based on different ideas that I could see around me in the past. I tested it at the beginning of meetups and workshop.

French versionIce Breaker agile #4 : ice breaker daltonien

The Daltons icebreaker

In this Ice breaker, we will ask all participants to put themselves online (possibly in circles). They will have to reposition themselves from the smallest to the biggest …. not by size but according to words on post’it.

ice breaker daltonien
ice breaker Daltons

The facilitator will give a small post’it with words to each participant. These words will represent things more or less easy to determine in size:

  • ant (easy)
  • planet (easy)
  • history (difficult)
  • a user-story (difficult)

Each participant will be able to see others’ post’it but he will not be able to look at his own that is on his belly.

In order to be able to position themselves from the smallest to the largest, each participant will only have the right to mimic the objects (no words, no drawings but only gestures). They will not be allowed to tell  how to place.

The Ice breaker will end when all participants will be in the good position. The facilitator will be able to help them sometimes.



ice breaker dalton positionnés
ice breaker colorblind

Conclusion Ice breaker

I hope this new Ice Breaker will please you; I find it very nice to begin a workshop, an event or a retrospective.

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