Ice Breaker #2: forward march

ice breaker english
ice breaker english

It is often useful to make an agile Ice breaker to put everyone in good conditions for a meetup or workshop. I present you : forward march. Facilitators always make these Ice Breakers at the beginning of the session (workshop or meetup) in order to create an atmosphere much more relaxed after this one.

We will take advantage of this article to learn how to make this Ice Breaker that is often appreciated by the participants.

Rules of this Agile Ice Breaker

The rules of this Ice Breaker are relatively simple:

  • Everyone goes to the back of the room at the beginning
  • The facilitator will ask questions
  • Anyone who thinks to know the answer to a question will step forward
    • The facilitator will remind them that he will be like the tax center: he will ask one of those who have advanced to give the answer. If this person is wrong, he will invite him to go back to the back of the room; the others (and even the little liars) will have the chance to continue their race.
  • At the end of the questions, the one who will be in front of all the others, will win a pack of candy; he will have to share it with all the participants

The rules are relatively simple. Warning, the facilitator should be a good speaker because his “know how to make people laugh” will be the key elements to have a great atmosphere between the participants.

Preparation of this Agile Ice Breaker “forward march”

This ice breaker requires a little preparation upstream that is not always easy.

Start by buying a small pack of candy that will be the reward for the group to have participated in the game. There is as you have seen, a concept of gamification in this Ice Breaker.

The facilitator will have to prepare twenty different questions for this workshop; I advice you to mix seriousness and absurdity. In general, don’t hesitate to alternate serious questions and absurd questions.

Here are some absurd questions that often make their effects especially if you have a good handout:

Who knows what I did this weekend?

It’s rare that people know what you’ve done; it’s funny to use a little phrase like: “Fortunately you don’t know, I would be scared and I would run away” can make laugh.

However be careful to have some repartee because once a person present knew what I had done on the weekend; I had tweeted a picture of something very innovative that I had seen.

Who wants to give me 1 million euros?

The sentences to complete the question are many to make laugh people; for example: “I did not win at euro millions … However I did not play”.

It is not necessarily funny to read but in the atmosphere of the Ice Breaker, people will have a good smile or a nice laugh.

For serious questions, don’t hesitate to look for questions about the company where you are or the company hosting the workshop with classic questions such as: “What are the values ​​of the company? What is the date of creation of the company? “…

Conclusion forward march

When everything is finished, the participants share candy and are ready to follow the meetup or the workshop in ideal conditions. I let you test this Ice Breaker Agile that works very well.

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