Agile test methodology vs test in v-model

agile test methodology
agile test methodology

In all methodologies or frameworks, we have the tests to do. But what is the difference between Agile test methodology and the test in v-model?

Agile test methodology vs test in v-model

The tests in one v-model

In the v-model, the team test the release or the product when all the developments are finish. Even if some projects forget to have unit test and functional test, these kind of tests exist in this development method.

Here is the v-model concept below:

v-model - Agile test methodology article
v-model – Agile test methodology article

Is it possible to do TDD (Test Driven Development) or ATDD (Acceptance Test Drivent Development)? Of course. Indeed, we generally link these kind of test with the agile approaches but some teams use them in a v-model.

So, what’s the difference in Agile test methodology?

The difference between v-model and agile framework is not in the kind of test but in the way to achieve them.

As you know, in agile, the team work in small batches (items); it will test each item separately when they are developed.

In the best way, the test is realized just after the end of the development of the item. We call this method: just-to-time.

agile test methodology
agile test methodology

Even if we use more TDD, ATTD and TCR in agile frameworks, some project in v-model could use these methods of tests. But, the technical excellence is one of the principles of the agile manifesto :

Continuous attention to technical excellence 
and good design enhances agility.

So, we have more chance to find these kind of tests in agile team.

The team test in just-to-time

When the team is mature with a very good continuous integration, it’s not necessary to test an entire release just before the delivery of the product in production. But it’s not the case for all agile team.

I hope that you well understand now the difference between agile test methodology and the test in v-model.

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