Agile Ice breaker #6: find your twins

ice breaker english
ice breaker english

It is very useful to make an Ice breaker (energizer type) to put everyone in a good conditions to start a meetup or workshop: in this article, we will talk about “Find your twins”. Facilitators always make these Ice Breakers at the beginning of the session (workshop or meetup) in order to create an atmosphere often much more relaxed after this one.

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In this article, I decided to offer you an Ice Breaker that works pretty well when we start a meetup or workshop.

Preparation for this Ice Breaker

To prepare this workshop, you will need to make small papers (or post’it) with the name of several animals that will be repeated at least 3 or 4 times.


  • 3 small papers: hens
  • then 3 small papers: horse
  • 3 small papers: cat
  • then 3 small papers: dog
  • and 3 small papers: ant

The participants will have to make the noise of the animals with their mouth hence the importance of putting an ant in the game. To be honest, I have no idea what is ​​the noise made by ants but we add them to add a little fun at the Ice Breaker.

You must have one sheet per participant, so don’t hesitate to do more to make sure you have the sheets for all participants.


Rules of Finding Your Twins

The rules of this Ice Breaker are relatively simple:

  • Each participant will secretly watch the animal written on the small sheet
  • Each participant will have to put their hand in front of their eyes not to look
  • Each participant will have to make the noise of the animal on the sheet
  • The goal will be that participants with the same animal will find themselves without looking but only at the sound of the animal
  • When the participants meet, they will take advantage to take 3 minutes to get know with the participants of the same animal group

This Ice Breaker is relatively simple but really breaks the ice between the participants. In addition, it is also a powerful Energizer because the participants have fun during this game while waking up.

However, I advise you to have at least 12 people for this Ice Breaker to keep the fun side of hearing many animals in the room.


Conclusion find your twins

I really like to do Ice Breaker at each of my meetups and I admit that I love the “Find your twins”. It’s dynamic, the participants have fun and the meetup can start in the best conditions.

Test it and tell me if it works as well as in my meetups.


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