Quick feedback with the ROTI

roti - return of time invested
roti - return of time invested

The technique of the ROTI (Return on Time Investment) is well known in the world of agility but if you are not yet an expert in the field, you will discover this very simple technique that aims to have a quick feedback from our different meetups: worshop, workshop, BootCamp, Retrospective …

Let’s vote in 2 minutes with an agile ROTI

When a workshop (meeting, workshop, Boot Camp) is finished, we will ask all participants to vote between 1 and 5 with the hand up before leaving.

Here’s how to make a ROTI with your hand when the host asks all the participants to vote at the same time:


Faire un ROTI agile

Here is what each note explain in a ROTI:

1) useless: I lost my time coming

2) useful: the meeting was useful but I still lost a little time being present.

3) Just average: I did not waste my time but I did not find a real interest to come.

4) Good: it was pretty good, I did not come to waste my time coming.

5) Excellent: it was a great moment and I would have clearly regretted if I didn’t participate.


Ask them why

We will interview those who put a score of 1 or 2 in this ROTI session to find out why they didn’t like the meeting. It’s important to have feedback to improve the next meetings.

If all participants put notes 1 and 2 during this session of ROTI, I strongly advise you to review the format of your meetings and not hesitate to take feedback from each participant.

Conclusion ROTI

Feel free to use this ROTI exercise that is very fast and that improves the formats of your meetings thanks to feedback from your participants.

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