Stretch objectives in SAFe

strecht objective
strecht objective

Some teams use the stretch objectives in their sprints or during the PI planning in SAFe. How to use these stretch objectives and is it a good thing to use them?

The stretch objectives

The stretch objectives will complete the main objectives of one sprint or the main objectives of the PI objectives. The teams use them when they are not sure to have the capacity to do the necessary to reach each objectives. But they think that it’s interesting to try to reach them.

Here is an example of PI objectives:

PI objectives template

But be carreful, the stretch objectives are never the only objectives to have for your sprint or your PI objectives. Because in the scrum teams, we want the development team have a real engagement; and that is not possible with the stretch objectives.

Is it bad to use them?

No, this concept can be interesting for the team if the team take a real engagement with the main objectives. But some scrum team could like to have the ambitious goals so that they will be more motivated.

Pay attention, I advice the development team validate this kind of goals; if the product owner or manager add them without their validation, the team would risk to have too much pressure.

When the sprint (or the PI) finish, the team will not be punished if these stretch objectives are not reached. Maybe theses objectives become main objectives in the next sprint. But it’s very interesting to review why the team will not be reached them.

Each scrum teams use these stretch objectives

Sometimes, I see scrum teams use that to add challenges to sprints. And generally, the development teams validate them with the product owner. It’s a very good idea because these objectives allow the development team to have a direction even if the main objectives are done.

But, the scrum master will check if the team respect the main objectives before these optional objectives.

Useful link : The official website of SAFe

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