What links between MVP, MMF, MMR and MMP?

mvp mmp mmr mmf
mvp mmp mmr mmf

To build a product there are important terms to understand like the MVP, MMF, MMR and MMP. Let see to understand and differentiate them.

What is the MVP?

We had already seen the concept of MVP on this blog. The MVP (Minimum Viable Product) will be the minimum product (or service) that will test a hypothesis; any functionality not required to test this service will not be part of the MVP.

So, I purpose to you to to see this complete article on the subject to master all the subtleties of the MVP (even MVP of the same product).

Article: What’s the MVP (Minimum Viable Product)?

What is MMF?

MMF is a term that first appeared on Mark Denne and Jane ClelandHuang’s “software by number” book that you can find on sites like Amazon.

Here is the definition that is given by this book:

MMF are units of software value creation. They represent components of intrinsic marketable value. Typically an MMF creates market value in one or more of the following ways:

Competitive differentiation
Revenue generation
Cost saving
Brand projection
Enhanced user loyalty

So, you will easily understand that the MMF is a definition of each of the minimum functionalities expected by the end user. This can be represented by a lot of user-stories (and Epic) minimum to deliver on a specific feature for those working in agile universes.

You can see a full article on this subject that also offers you to understand the difference between this MMF and the MVP.

Article :MMF (Minimum Marketable Feature)?

What is MMR and MMP?

The Minimum Marketable Release (MMR) is the delivery of all the functionality in MMF; to make it simpler, the MMR will be the delivering of all the expected features that are each developed in the minimum version indispensable for presenting them to customers.

MMF feature 1 + MMF feature 2 + MMF feature 3 = MMR

It is possible to have a second MMR if the product must evolve to meet new needs.

MMP (Minimum Marketable Product) is the first MMR. If we define a second MMR, it will not be considered like the MMP.

Why work with these 4 notions?

I really like this picture below which allows to understand the link between these 4 notions. Using them makes it possible to have an user centric logical process.

MMR and MMP – MMF agile – define MMF

Indeed, we test a product (or a service) with the minimum to validate or invalidate a hypothesis => MVP

If the hypothesis is validated, we define the essential minimum of each of the functionalities to be delivered to reach our customers => MMF (of each functionality)

We define the minimum delivery that we will accept to launch the product (the set of MMF that we will be defined) => MMR

The first delivery will be considered as the minimum product that will delivery to satisfy our key users and even more specifically our customers => MMP (first MMR)

Conclusion MVP, MMF, MMR and MMP

To conclude, these concepts allow some product owner to manage the product and the strategy of it. We often forget this point but the product owner have to manage the strategy related to the product.

Useful linkQuels liens entre le MVP, MMF, MMR et MMP ? (french)

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