Ice Breaker #9: collaborative face drawing

ice breaker english
ice breaker english

Today, I will present a very nice Ice Breaker that really deserves to be known, the collaborative face drawing. We can also talk about Energizer for this workshop. Let see how to animate it in this article.

Facilitators often do these Ice Breaker at the beginning of the session (workshop or meetup); this exercice creates an atmosphere that is often much more relaxed as a result of it.

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Collaborative face drawing

This energizer will also allow to memorize the names of people who are in the room.

Duration: variable

Step 1 of collaborative face drawing

The facilitator will give an A4 sheet and a felt pen to each participant in the room. he will ask them to write their name at the bottom of the sheet they have in their hands.

The facilitator will ask the participants to walk in the room in the direction of their choice and stop when he will say “STOP”. At the time of the stop, each participant will meet the other participant closest to him.

They will exchange their papers and each will have to draw the eyes of the other on the paper. When the drawings are finished, each participant will give back the sheet to the other.

The facilitator will ask all participants to walk while waiting for the next stop. The operation is repeated several times by asking to participants to draw: the eyes, ears, chin, hair, facial hair and accessories …

Step 2 of collaborative face drawing

Each participant will present his drawing by recalling his name to all participants. This will indirectly create a link between the participants.

Conclusion: collaborative face drawing

So to conclude, this icebreaker drawing collaborative face is really nice and can put a great atmosphere between the participants. So try it and you will quickly adopt it as a classic of your meetup or workshops.

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