Value proposition canvas

value proposition canvas
value proposition canvas

I will present you a tool that can be very interesting to work on the value proposition of the product we want to achieve: the Value proposition canvas.

Business Model Canvas

Basically, this tool is an aid offered by Strategyzer to facilitate the filling of a Business Model Canvas. If you do not know this canvas, it is still widely used by entrepreneurs to analyze the potential of the economic model of the product they want to create.

Indeed, this tool is also used to launch a new product or a new service within large structures.

business model canvas
business model canvas

If the company want to use a canvas adapt to the lean startup approach, it can use the lean canvas. Some people use the product vision board, similar workshop, to work around the product vision.

Value proposition canvas

This model complements the Business Model Canvas. It will help its users to better understand the customer segments concerned and associated value propositions.

However, this tool can also be very useful in creating a product vision without necessarily going through the Business Model Canvas. It is not unusual to see this model used independently of the Business Model Canvas.

So, this model is in two distinct parts:

  • the customer profile
  • the value map

Here is how this model of the Value Proposition Canvas is represented:


Value Proposition Canvas
Value Proposition Canvas

How to fill this Value Proposition Canvas?

To fill this model, it is advisable to do it in the form of an interactive workshop. Thus, the facilitator can print this model in large format and purpose post’it of different colors (1 color per box) to all participants.

Participants will use one post’it per idea; we will not limit them by the number of posts.

Customer Job(s)

The team begins by filling in the box “Customer Job (s)” by defining all the interactions that customers will have with the product we want to achieve; this will often result in concrete actions. Participants will only define the customer’s main actions on the product in order to focus on the value that the product will yield.


In the “Pains” part of theValue Proposition Canvas, the participants will define everything that can bring dissatisfaction or frustration for the customers; this can be defined by risks and obstacles.


In the “Gains” section, the participants will define everything that will bring satisfaction or even customer loyalty. This tool aims to ensure that we focus on the customers.

Products and services

Participants will list the products and / or services that will meet the needs of clients. This can be characterized in one product and not necessarily in x products.

Pain relievers

In this box “pain relievers”, the participants will try to identify everything that would reduce the risks and obstacles. This part is 100% linked to the “pain” box previously filled during the workshop.

Gain creators

In this last “Gain creators” box, the participants will try to identify all that would make it possible to reach the expected objectives. This part is 100% linked to the “gain” box previously filled during the workshop.

Value proposition canvas: create the connections between customer profiles and value map

When you have filled all the boxes, we will be able to tick all the expected gains to which we have been able to define solutions to go towards these gains. In the same way, we will tick all the risks and obstacles of “Pains” for which we could find an effective solution to resolve them.

Here is the result that this gives as the image of the video of the author of this model shows:

connexions entre customer profils et value map
Value proposition canvas: connections between customer profiles and value map

Conclusion value proposition canvas

To conclude with this article. You’re looking for a model that allows you to work on your proposition value? So this value proposition canvas may be the answer you’re looking for.

So now you have all the keys to make a good value propositions with this proposition value canvas.

Website of the author of the Value Canvas Proposal: see the web site

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