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personal map
personal map

In our series of articles dedicated to management 3.0, here is the presentation of the personal map which allows everyone to describe themselves concisely. Let’s look what this simple practice is ! It allows us to know much more about each member of the team.

Material to make your personal map

To make a personal map, we will put the necessary equipment for all of our participants:
  • an A3 sheet for each participant
  • a roll of tape to put the sheet on the wall
  • markers of different colors
With this materials, your participants will have enough to create their personal map.

Let’s launch our workshop

Now, each participant will put their name (or even draw themselves) in the center of the sheet and surround it by writing in capital letters (people often write better in capital letters). Then we will ask each member of the team to link the name to the main things that everyone thinks are the pillars of their life.

Personal Map - starting
Personal Map – starting


Now, we will ask each member of the team to create other points of interest related to those already written in the previous step in order to go slightly into detail. We will make smaller circles.

Personal Map - Step 2
Management 3.0 workshop – Step 2
With this personal map, you can see at a glance the interests of each member of the team. Some will be able to see that they have the same interests that other members of the team.

Beyond Words

Indeed, these personal maps speak much more than the words written on the sheets. There is a very interesting part of psychological analysis that we can analyze from these drawings.

Let’s start again from Robert’s personal map:


Personal Map - Step 2Management 3.0 workshop – Step 2

Robert standardizes all of his circles and makes straight lines. You quickly understand that he is a person who likes the organized things. He didn’t have the extravagance to use some colors but he has used just black, which partly supports this analysis.

Imagine, Julia, a young student with a lot of dreams who has a mindset completely opposite to Robert. We would probably have a very different personal map:

Personal Map - Funny style
Management 3.0 workshop – Funny style

You will quickly understand that Julia’s personality is not at all the same compared to Robert. The personal map really allows you to know much more about each member of the team.

If the manager better know each member of the team, he can really have best behaviors or decisions with them. There is more chance to have united teams if he can really understand everyone in the team.

Besides, in the event of conflicts or even resignation, that will help HR and managers.


Conclusion Personal map

To conclude, don’t hesitate to test the personal map within your teams to obtain all the necessary informations that will allow you to best know your teams.

Useful link : Management 3.0 in french

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