Agile sprint – definition

agile sprint definition
agile sprint definition

Do you discover agility? What is an agile sprint? Why this name to represent this concept of time interval? Let’s look this concept in this article.

Agile sprint – definition

A sprint is a time interval during which the scrum teams will carry out a work prepared at the beginning of this time interval being guided by a goal.

agile sprint
agile sprint

When an agile sprint is finished, the team will review the work done during that sprint and work to improve the next sprint.

In fact, other methodologies use the word “iteration” to talk about the following concepts:

  • rhythmic time interval (with events)
  • regular time interval (between each iteration)

print – origin of the word

Scrum decided to call this concept of iteration “sprint” to reinforce certain aspects:

  • the team work together according to the defined objective
  • focus on achieving this goal

This word was borrowed from sport where the runner tries to reach a performance goal.

But even more interesting, this word was borrowed from The New New Product Development Game which was an analyze made from new experiments in project management (based on iteration concepts). Indeed, the scrum was officially based on the results of this comprehensive analyze for its first evolutions. And the authors of this publication compared the iterations to the sprint performed by the runners.

The scrum therefore took advantage of this work to offer a complete agile project management framework.

How to display this  scrum concept?

Scrum purposes very organized iterations that are sometimes still poorly understood.

Here is a simple diagram to understand:

rhythmic iteration in scrum
rhythmic iteration in scrum

An agile sprint is thus made up of:

  • sprint planning :
    • iteration opening
    • the team starts a sprint by planning the work to be done.
    • the team sets a goal
    • it define the plan to achieve this goal
  • sprint review:
    • close iteration
    • the team reviews all the work done during the iteration
    • the team invites users / customers to give feedback on the product with the latest “done” developments
  • sprint retrospective :
    • after the review
    • the team makes a point together to seek axis of improvement
  • a daily scrum
    • the development team meets to harmonize together: what was done yesterday, what it will do today, is there an alert
    • each morning

You can learn more about this events (also called ceremonies) on this article: Ceremonies of agile sprint

Indeed, scrum offers a concrete framework with this notion of agile sprint but this one is light; the authors explain the objectives of each of these scrum events but don’t explain you how to do them. However beware of this freedom! Many teams tend to forget the main objectives of theses events; they divert the basic concepts of the framework.


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