Jira Epic – How it works

epic jira
epic jira

Jira Epic: here is a new article on Jira to give you some tips on Jira boards. How to display your Epics? How to gather user-stories in their Epics?

 Epic Jira – definition

The epic definition can be different regarding the authors. Here is the definition for Jira :
“An epic captures a large body of work. It is essentially a large user story that can be broken down into a number of smaller stories. It may take several sprints to complete an epic. “
However, if you want to know the different definition that exists, feel free to read this article: Agile Epic definition

Let’s create our epics and our user stories on Jira

Let’s start by creating 3 user stories:

  • by clicking on create (1 on the image)
  • by putting a name to the user story (2 on the image)
  • then click on create (3 on the image).

We get 3 very simple tickets in our Jira board without any distinction of Epic.

board jira avec des user stories

In the same way now, we will create our Epics; we are going to create 2 epics:

  • by clicking on create (1 on the image)
  • choose Epic (2 on the image)
  • putting a name to the Epic (3 on the image)
  • then by clicking on create (4 on the image).

creer epic dans jira

We are now going to link the first two user stories to the Epic we have just created. For that :

  • click on the user story of the Jira board (1 on the image)
  • then click on “display 6 additional fields” (2 on the image) to bring up the Epic section.

When the options unfold, choose your Epic in the “Epic link” section and click on the cross to close the popin.

lier epic a la user story sur jira

Then you get a board with the concept “Epic” which appears on user stories linked to an Epic.

board jira avec les epics

Then you can configure your Jira board:

  • by clicking on “…” (1 on the image)
  • then on “board parameters” (2 on the image)

On the new page that appears:

  • click on swimlanes (3 on the image)
  • then select Epic from the drop-down menu (4 on the image)
swimlanes pour epic sur jira

So now, you get a Jira board where the user-stories are gathered in their respective epics as shown in the image below:

board jira with user stories gathered by epic - epic jira
board jira with user stories gathered by epic – epic jira

To conclure, you know how to manage your epic jira but if you have any question, feel free to ask me in the comments.

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