Product Owner Responsibilities

product owner responsabilities
product owner responsabilities

So What are really the product owner responsibilities? So we will check together what the scrum guide say about his responsibilities in this article.

Product Owner responsibilities

The role of product owner is really important in the scrum framework; some people don’t really know what are the product owner responsibilities! He is not the boss, not a  manager but he is the responsible of the backlog.

The product owner responsibilities are :

  • create and maintain the product backlog
  • purpose the product backlog items understandable by the others
  • order the items in the backlog according the mission and the objectives
  • optimize the value that the development can deliver
  • do the best to be transparent with the product backlog and its items
  • optimize the product backlog items to insure that the development team understand all the needs
  • choose the strategy of the delivery (per lot, continuous delivery…)
  • can cancel the current sprint in the exceptional cases

As you can see, the product owner don’t have the responsibility to test the work done by the development team; indeed, the product owner work upstream the development team. When the development team start to work on some items, it’s 100% responsible about the following.

The product owner with the customers

For the product owner, it’s really important to be close to the customers; but not alone. It’s also really important that the development team are in contact with them; for example during the sprint review to really understand why they do these feedbacks.

Build the backlog with customers/users and stakeholders if one of these product owner responsibilities. The users are the heart of the product in agile mindset. So some teams  favor the use of the agile framing framework, to start the reflexion about the future product before to realize it in scrum; Some members of the future development team participate in this framework of product launching.

To conclude, don’t forget that the product owner is not the boss but the helper of the maturation of the product!

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