Scrum Roles

scrum role
scrum role

In Scrum, we have 3 different scrum roles which have different responsibilities : scrum master, product owner and development team. This share of responsibilities will allow to deliver the quality products. Let’s see theses different roles and the interaction between them.

Scrum is very different with others project management methods like waterfall or v-model. The framework purpose just 3 different roles to share all the necessary responsibilities; however, in scrum, all the team is responsible of the quality of the product.

Scrum Roles

As I have said just before, scrum purpose 3 different roles. The crossing of theses responsibilities will offer to the customers the product that they expect.

scrum roles
scrum roles

Product owner

The product owner is responsible of the product backlog.Thus these responsibilities are:

  • write the product backlog items (often user stories) in a common language
  • order the product backlog items according the customer needs and the value of them
  • being transparent with the product backlog and the strategy
  • can cancel a sprint if the sprint objective is unreachable

Besides a lot of people do a mistake by thinking the product owner is responsible of the final render! He don’t have to test the work of the development team.

This is an article to know more about these responsibilities: Product Owner Responsibilities (scrum roles)

Scrum master

The scrum master is responsible of the process. Thus these responsibilities are:

  • help the team and the organization to adopt scrum
  • coach the product owner and the development team
  • help the team to have a better communication

The scrum master is not a manager or a project manager. We can compare his role with a servant-leader position: he help the team to become better each day.

This is an article to know more about these responsibilities: Scrum Master Responsibilities (scrum roles)

Development team

The development team represent between 3 and 9 peoples; they are not necessary the developers (programer) but all the necessary expertise to produce and deliver the product. And scrum remind an important thing: this development team have to test his own work!

Thus here are the rules for the development team:

  • self-organized and cross-functional
  • the only one to change the sprint backlog (not the product owner)
  • no title for each member; all the team is responsible together
  • no sub-teams in this team

So if someone have more testing skills, he is not THE “tester” but he is one member of the team with testing competency. Nobody have the right to explain the team how to do the product; they have just to follow the specification of each item.

Useful link about theses scrum roles: development team (in french)

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