Example of epic

example of epic
example of epic

The Epic is an agile concept sometimes misunderstood which use in the product backlog management. Let’s see an example of epic in this article to really  understand what is an epic in scrum.

The concept of epics is not really easy to understand. We use the Epic to put an idea on the product backlog; An Epic can become some user stories or just one user story. If you want to know more about this concept, I advice you to read this article: Agile Epic definition

You can watch the agile minute video on the subject:

Our video in french explain what is an epic (with english subtitle available) – example of epic

Example of epic

I have decided to do this article to show you an example of epic; and you will be surprised because it’s really simple. Indeed an epic is just an expression to define an idea of functionality.

example of epic
example of epic

So as you can see above, it’s not complicated. Unlike user stories, we will not add some details inside ; the necessary specifications will be write directly inside the user stories that will be created under theses epics.

Some teams in reality use the epics like the features.

Epic is just a label?

Yes! It’s the first idea you have to improve or build your product. If you complete this label with some content like management rules, you risk to duplicate the content with the future user stories. And the duplicate content is never good because if you improve some management rules in the user-stories, you will risk to forget to update their mother epic.

So if you need to put some ideas because you’re afraid to forget, I advice you to create directly a small user story with these ideas! No worry, a user story don’t need to be complete at the beginning.

To conclude, an epic is just a simple label and have to keep this form; So if you need write down some ideas, I advice you to favor the creation of user-stories! I hope this simple example of epic will help you to better understand the concept.

Useful link: advanced story mapping in agile framing (french)

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