SAFe House of Lean

safe house of lean
safe house of lean

The framework SAFe consider the Lean Manufacturing  and the Agile Manifesto like the pillars of its culture. To explain this mix of the both culture, SAFe decide to represent it with its vision of the House of Lean: SAFe House of Lean; The representation is different compared the classic representation use in Lean.

A lot of agilists reject the framework SAFe; they consider it’s not an agile framework. But others really love it! But I’m surprised because SAFe has never said it’s “Agile”; No, the authors explain it’s an Lean-Agile framework. And the SAFe house of Lean clearly represent this mix of cultures.

SAFe House of Lean

SAFe purpose 2 different representations of it: the light version and the complete version.

Light version

Here is the light version below:

SAFe House of Lean
light version

This simple version is really interesting because if the visual representation is similar with the lean version, the content is different. Here is the classic version to let you check all the differences:

Lean house
Lean house

Indeed, the root of the SAFe House of Lean is “leadership” and not “stability”; this show that the authors of SAFe have an other approach: the leadership will allow to succeed in the transformation. Of the roof

On the roof, the reduction of cost and necessary time mix with the increase of the quality become “value delivery”! This expression is a reference from Agile Manifesto.

The four pillars represent the modern agile culture : “flow”, “innovation”, “relentless improvement” and “respect for people and culture”. We can feel an idea of lean startup in these pillars.

Complete SAFe House of Lean

This version add some description to explain each part of this representation. Here is the complete SAFe House of Lean below:

complete safe house of lean
complete safe house of lean

I think it’s not necessary to explain each point; indeed, you have just to read this picture above.

To conclude if you want to join a company that has set up SAFe, you have to adhere at this culture described on this lean house reviewed by SAFe. Indeed, it’s really important to understand that the concept of lean-agile is little bit different with classic agile.

So, is SAFe agile framework?

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