Agile Principles

agile principles
agile principles

What we can define like agile principles? Is it just agile manifesto or these principles are more large? Let’s look these principles in this new article.

Even if a lot of people think that agile manifesto is the birth of agile, it’s not the case. Indeed, agile born in 1991, so 10 years before agile manifesto. Here id an article, if you are interesting to know the real story about agility:

The origin of agility existed before Agile manifesto

Agile Principles

I purpose you to check all the principles of agility. And you will see that is really opened for all organization and not just for IT business.

Agile Manifesto

Agile Manifesto born in 2001 purpose 4 values and 12 principles to explain what agile is in IT organization.

Here are the agile manifesto values:

Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
Working software over comprehensive documentation
Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
Responding to change over following a plan

These values are not incompatible with agile values; just, theses values focus the product development. Nowadays, some people prefer to translate “working software” by “operational results” to adapt this value at all agile organizations.

Agile culture

Now, agile culture have evolved; We can consider this agile wheel below like the main principles to be an agile organization. I like this representation because, it doesn’t say how to do agile but what agile is! It’s a mindset, not a kind of doing.

agile mindset
agile mindset

Agile Principles by Modern agile

Some people have decided to rework agile manifesto to purpose a modern agile vision! This vision is really interesting because if the context can be assimilated to software context, it’s possible to apply these agile principles in other organizations.

modern agile
modern agile – author:

Indeed these 4 agile principles are really interesting and it’s a real modernization of agile in our companies.

Heart of Agile

Alyster Cokburn, one of the signatories of agile manifesto, purpose a modern vision of agility. These principles are really close to the modern agile that we have seen before.

heart of agile
heart of agile

Indeed, these principles are similar with the last visions we have seen. And, this picture show that the notion of software has disappeared! So, agility born in 1991, is the following of old approaches and continue to evolve today.

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