Roadmap chart

roadmap chart
roadmap chart

The roadmap chart is a real important chart to manage your product and to have a vision of its progress. Let’s look how to represent this kind of chart.

If you want to have a good vision of the product progress, it’s really useful to use a roadmap chart. We will see what is the best representation of it.

Roadmap chart

A product roadmap will have real objectives for the company:

  • share a common vision of the challenges of the company
  • give a common direction to follow
  • give the necessary visibility to people who really need it
  • help prioritize by value the realization teams

So we recommend to do the roadmap chart for the entire organization and not just for IT people. Here is an simple example of roadmap chart:

roadmap chart
roadmap chart

On a roadmap chart, we use the big “feature” (or epic) but never the user-stories. It’s an overall vision, if it will be useless to use the user stories to build it.

If you use Jira, you can use Easy Agile Roadmaps to create your roadmap with a visual management.

Some interesting tips


In some roadmap chart, you can add the milestones to remember some important events. Sometimes, we need to have a vision of the events that could have a real impact on the roadmap.

For example, the “sales” for an ecommerce website are really important; it seems really necessary to put a milestone for this kind of events.

important milestones
important milestones

Links between actions

If it’s really necessary, you can add some links between some actions (or features). For that, you can use the woolen thread to link two works. In SAFe framework, the teams use this concept during the PI planning.

Here is an example to understand:

link between features
link between features

Indeed, sometimes we can’t start some actions if a last action is not finished; However, we recommend that these kind of links are rare.

Useful link: roadmap during agile framing

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