Why contribute?

Myagile Partner now offers to contribute to the articles of the blog.

We will be happy to share your articles on this blog so that the entire agile community benefits.

The articles will be posted under your “name (or) pseudonym”.

Any author who has 6 articles validated and published will see his name in the list of contributors.

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How to contribute?

To contribute to the Myagile Partner blog, you must submit your article on the form on the link below:

Purpose my article

 Myagile Partner will recontact you to indicate if the article will be published; if not, we will give you the reasons for you to improve your article.

To make commercial articles (name of the company, put forward a brand), you must contact the author of this blog. This form is intended for articles made by enthusiasts who wish to share with the agile community.

Rules to contribute

1 / Write in a correct english language
3 / Limit as much as possible firm positions (low posture) -> but opinions are important
5 / The article should not be present on other blogs or site (word for word)
7 / Do not treat a topic already mentioned if it does not bring anything new
9 / Allow the author of this blog to make minor changes to the content
11 / Feel free to have your own writing style
2 / Do not make controversial articles
4 / Make at least 300 words, put titles and subtitles for easy reading
6 / Do not copy | paste other sources without prior agreement
8 / No branding or quotation marks unless agreement with the author of this blog
10 / Be passionate about the subject that is being treated in order to offer a maximum of yourself to the readers
12 / No request for remuneration.

Commercial contributions

It is possible to make articles by highlighting your company or your brand. However, this type of contribution must be the subject of a particular request or a commercial contract or partnership.

This type of contribution will not fall within the framework of these so-called “passionate” contributions.

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