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box of the future - retrospective

Box of the Future – retrospective

Let’s look a less popular retrospective but really interesting: Box of the future. This retrospective is classic in substance but different in form. It may interest you to change formats. Feel free to read our other retrospectives on [...]
like in the movies - retrospective

Like in the movies – retrospective

Let’s look at the less popular retrospective but equally interesting: Like in the movies. This kind of retrospectives makes it possible to see the retrospectives from differently and to propose alternatives that do not fall into monotony. Feel [...]

Glad, Sad, Mad – retrospective

Let’s see a great classic of retrospectives in scrum which are known all over the world: glad, sad, mad. if this retrospective is relatively simple, it is nonetheless very effective. Feel free to read our other retrospectives on [...]
Agile culture

Tuckman model: team cohesion

Dr. Bruce Wayne Tuckman came up with a model on team cohesion called the Tuckman model. It is interesting to see this Tuckman model which is based on the result of an analysis of more [...]
agile organization

Enablers in agile – SAFe

Agile enablers are types of items that can help in creating a backlog. Some people hate them, some people adore them, let’s see together what they are. SAFe is a really particular framework : some people love it, [...]

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