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tuckman model

Tuckman model: team cohesion

Agile culture
Dr. Bruce Wayne Tuckman came up with a model on team cohesion called the Tuckman model. It is interesting to see this Tuckman model which is based on the result of an analysis of more [...]
enablers in agile - safe concept

Enablers in agile – SAFe

agile organization
Agile enablers are types of items that can help in creating a backlog. Some people hate them, some people adore them, let’s see together what they are. SAFe is a really particular framework : some people love it, [...]

Speed Car – retrospective

The speed car is an alternative retrospective at the excellent speed boat created by Paulo Caroli. It is a very popular retrospective for Scrum Masters to offer teams the opportunity to find axis of improvement. We will therefore [...]

Scrum artifacts

Although I already talked about them in my previous articles, I decided to make an article dedicated to all of the scrum artifacts. This will allow you to have all of the artifacts in one single [...]

Scrum exercise corrected

Do you want to test yourself in scrum? So let’s do a little corrected exercise together? It’s really important to know if you have understood the subtleties of scrum [Scrum exercise corrected]. Indeed, scrum is not [...]

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