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Make your kanban board

How to make a quality kanban board that really meets the needs of the development team? We will take advantage of this article to see an approach to make this kanban board. Make your kanban board [...]

Agile vs Devops – differences?

behind this popular title a bit popular, people are regularly asked me the difference between agile and devops (agile vs devops). I will take advantage of this article to clarify the difference between these two terms. [...]

Burndown chart

Highly used in scrum teams, the burndown chart tracks the progress of Scrum teams’ work. Very fast to keep it up to date, I advise you to always accompany your sprint of this graph very [...]
Agile culture

Value proposition canvas

I will present you a tool that can be very interesting to work on the value proposition of the product we want to achieve: the Value proposition canvas. Business Model Canvas Basically, this tool is [...]

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