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Calculation of velocity in agile

Several people discovering the scrum ask me what velocity is and what the calculation of velocity in agile is. So I have decided to make a very simple article to help them. Definition of velocity [...]
bdd (behavior driven development)

BDD (Behavior Driven Development)

The BDD (Behavior Driven Development) is an Agile practice created by Dan North in 2003 that aims to create functional tests with a natural language understood by all. This practice is an extension of the [...]
agile organization

Jira vs Trello, which one to choose?

This article should unleash the passions because there are always inveterate lovers of certain tools. But it is a real subject that deserves a little thought and the answer is not so simple in reality: Jira vs [...]
Agile culture

Quick wins – understand this term

Definition The Quick wins is a small quick change to make but has a significant marketing or financial gain. In general this term comes from the marketing world but it is interesting to recover it [...]

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