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planning release – release planning

Make a planning release in agile

Some agilists don’t always like this concept but sometimes the context imposes to have to carry out planning release on the projects. We will see how to prepare releases in agile. Prerequisites for the release planning  To [...]
ansible tutorial

Ansible Tutorial: Doing Deployments

Ansible is an open-source software provisioning, configuration management, and application deployment tool created by Michael DeHaan widely used in the Devops universe; many people like it for its simplicity of learning and the fact that it manages everything itself [...]
Agile culture

Documentation in Agile Methods

There are still a lot of questions about how do we properly manage the documentation in agile methods? And the answer to be honest isn’t so simple. Let’s start from the best known: modern Scrum The differentiation [...]

Make a complete scrum board

Scrum board, one of the pillars of transparency Making a very complete scrum board is a major asset in Agile to bring total transparency. The transparency allows to the other teams to follow the progress of [...]
Agile culture

Let’s estimate with Extreme Quotation

In agile methods, there are different methods to estimate the story points of user-stories including Extreme Quotation that is fast and efficient. It is quite different to Poker Planning which is the most popular now. To [...]

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