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Definition of ready

Definition of Ready (dor)

The practice of the Definition of Ready is just as popular as the Definition of Done … Although the practice is interesting, it must be handled with great care. Definition of Ready The definition of [...]
agile scrum method example

Agile scrum method, example

Here is an article to understand the agile scrum method. What could be better than an example to understand? Let’s take a subject for our example To start, I want to create a new blog dedicated [...]

Calculate the capacity of the sprint

A question that often comes up in the scrum projects is: how to calculate the number of story points developers can take during one Sprint. This call “capacity”. Let see a method in this article which works [...]
Agile culture

Impact mapping – how to build it?

There are many methods in agile to significantly improve the project vision (especially at the beginning of a project). The one I’m offering you today is called impact mapping. What is an Impact Mapping? Before initiating [...]

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