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capacity of the sprint

Calculate the capacity of the sprint

A question that often comes up in the scrum projects is: how to calculate the number of story points developers can take during one Sprint. This call “capacity”. Let see a method in this article which works [...]
Agile culture

Impact mapping – how to build it?

There are many methods in agile to significantly improve the project vision (especially at the beginning of a project). The one I’m offering you today is called impact mapping. What is an Impact Mapping? Before initiating [...]

SAFe 5.0, the news!

The SAFe framework continues to evolve from year to year. What does this next SAFe 5.0 version presented by its authors present? For those who don’t know SAFe, don’t hesitate to go to our article [...]

Retrospective #12: Werewolf

Fan of the card game Werewolf, I decided to take inspiration from this game to create a new playful retrospective format. Feel free to read our other retrospectives on this dedicated page: Our retrospectives Required material for Werewolf For [...]

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