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delegation poker cards

Delegation Poker – Management 3.0

Agile culture
Management 3.0 purposes to use Delegation Poker to delegate manager tasks to motivated team members to do them. This method is interesting because the idea is not to ask the manager to delegate without agreement [...]
Agile culture

Ice Breaker #9: make it rain

Today, I’m going to introduce a little Energizer that I discovered with another coach: make it rain. We will see in this article how to animate this little Energizer. Also discover our: Ice Breaker / Energizer [...]

Retrospective #8: mood weather

The weather mood retrospective is a retrospective that I appreciate a lot; it brings a little freshness to the retrospectives. It will aim to focus on the mood of the team while forgetting to look [...]

3 amigos in agile

Here is a practice that I find really interesting but which nevertheless seems to be less present today: 3 amigos. We will see with this article what this practice is about. 3 amigos in agile The 3 [...]

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