Myagile Partner offers a list of workshops to make the retrospectives that you want. I hope this page will help you find all the workshops to do the best the more attractive retrospectives for your teams.

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Agile retrospective

#1 Le speed boat
#2 The 3 little pigs
#3: Starfish
#4: Hot-air balloon
#5: Fast and Furious
#6: Jeopardy
#7: The lotus flower
#8: mood weather
#9: carrie game
#10: turn on the table
#11: retro Lego

#12: Werewolf
#13: Care Bears retrospective
#14: Retrospective 4L
#15: Learning Matrix
#16: Speed Car
#17: Glad, Sad, Mad
#18: Like in the movies
#19: Box of the Future

The retrospectives aim to bring the teams to define axis of improvement at the end of each sprint with the funny workshops. They are pilar of the “continuous improvement” in scrum; this kind of workshop is very important in the world of agility.

Retrospectives can be conducted on scrum teams or even business units.

anti-pattern retrospective

My recommendations

These retrospectives are very important and require some recommendations to follow. Here are my personal recommendations for the facilitator to animate them:

  • Have a big voice but not too much
  • Be dynamic in front of the participants
  • Have a big smile to share it
  • Don’t sit all along the workshop
  • Don’t offer the same workshop at each iteration

These recommendations are not insignificant because the repetition of a bad retrospective can have bad consequences on the team; it might lead to think that these are useless and consider to abandon them. Incidentally, you must know that the art of facilitation is not given to everyone.

Your retrospective

Feel free to share your best retrospectives that I will post on the Myagile Partner blog in this retrospective page. Together we offer the most complete agile repository.

Take your pens and give the best of yourself to our community.

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