Like in the movies – retrospective

like in the movies - retrospective
like in the movies - retrospective

Let’s look at the less popular retrospective but equally interesting: Like in the movies. This kind of retrospectives makes it possible to see the retrospectives from differently and to propose alternatives that do not fall into monotony.

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Required material for Like in the movies

For this retrospective, you don’t need a lot of material:

  • A4 papers
  • Colored markers

The overall time to plan is 30 minutes.

All steps

A little less known in the world of retrospective, I really like this exercise because its final goal is not to propose to choose axis of improvement but it allows to completely change the format where the Scrum Master will try to see the mood of the team and open the team to share on the current sprint.

Step 1 of like in the movies

The Scrum Master will ask each participant to draw the poster of the film he(she) considers closest to the sprint he experienced. He will have to identify himself with a character in the movie. Exceptionally, during this drawing phase, members will be able to use their mobile phones to draw inspiration from posters from the movie.


Duration: 10 minutes

Step 2 of like in the movies

Each participant successively will explain why he(she) drew this movie poster in 3 minutes maximum. The other members of the team will be able to ask him(her) some questions.

Duration: 15 minutes

Step 3 of like in the movies

The Scrum Master will suggest that participants take 5 minutes to conclude together what was said during this workshop by discreetly guiding them to say together which axis of improvement should be pursued.

Duration: 5 minutes

Conclusion: like in the movies

Sometimes, retrospectives can be used to get the team to discuss together without formalizing the axis of improvement to do. However, these discussions will get the team thinking about “how to improve.”


Useful link: retrospective in french

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