safe house of lean
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SAFe House of Lean

The SAFe framework considers Lean Manufacturing and the Agile Manifesto as the foundational pillars of its culture. To illustrate the fusion of these two cultures, SAFe employs its vision of the House of Lean: the […]

scrum project management

Scrum Project Management

What is Scrum Project Management? Why has this agile method gained such popularity in today’s context? This article will explore the distinctions between Scrum and traditional methodologies. Scrum Project Management Scrum is a project management […]

scrum of scrums
agile organization

Scrum of Scrums

Create Scrum Teams is a first step in organizing Agile teams. However, in large companies, it will be essential to have several Scrum teams working together. The Scrum of Scrums framework will help you in this […]

safe vs spotify
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SAFe vs Spotify

  What is the difference between SAFe framework and Spotify model? Let see why these are two rather different visions with these both concepts. I wanted to treat it in article because someone asked me: SAFe vs […]

nexus framework

Nexus framework

LeSS or Scrum of Scrum are not the only existing frameworks to manage multiple Scrum teams. Ken Schwaber, who has already co-founded Scrum, also wanted to offer his framework to manage between 3 and 9 […]

spotify model
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Spotify model: Agile at scale

The Popular Spotify Model: Principles and Practices Spotify has introduced a renowned agile scaling model known as the “Spotify model.” In this article, we’ll explore its fundamental principles and understand its significance. Apply Thoughtfully, Not […]