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SAFe vs Spotify

Quelle est la différence entre le framework SAFe et le modèle Spotify ? Vous allez voir que ce sont deux visions assez différentes. je voulais le traiter en article car on me demande encore aujourd’hui […]

nexus framework

Nexus framework

LeSS or Scrum of Scrum are not the only existing frameworks to manage multiple Scrum teams. Ken Schwaber, who has already co-founded Scrum, also wanted to offer his framework to manage between 3 and 9 […]


LeSS agile framework?

LeSS is a product development framework that extends the implementation of Scrum with several teams  while scrum focuses only on a single team. The LeSS is the acronym of Large-Scale Scrum. This framework does not denature the scrum but […]

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Spotify model: Agile at scale

Spotify has created an agile model at scale that has become very popular; it’s named “Spotify model”. Let’s appreciate its principles with this article. Don’t apply everything without thinking Henrik Kniberg and Anders Ivarsson has presented this […]