Scrum Project Management

scrum project management
scrum project management

What is the Scrum Project Management? Why this agile method is so popular today? Let’s look with this article how scrum differs from traditional methods.

Scrum Project Management

Scrum is a project management method that allow the teams to work with agility; that is the real difference with the traditional method like v-model or other waterfall method.

If you want to know the real difference between scrum and v-model, i can advice you to read this article: V-Model vs Scrum: understand the difference.

We say “Project Management” because scrum is a framework to help the team to make a product, a service or to purpose a solution. We use scrum for working because you want to have a frame to organize the team work. It’s really a framework to do a project; the authors remind: “we use scrum to answer at a complex problem”.

Why prefer to use scrum Project Management?

Scrum is more adapted for the companies want to have a real capacity to be competitive on the market. Indeed, the market change faster and faster and the traditional methods are not adapted for the new market become more competitive. Scrum respect all the principles of agile manifesto and it’s its force. Contrary to waterfall frameworks, scrum give the capacity to the team to change the scope in real time if necessary.

Why? Because the team work with iterations concept!

scrum canvas
scrum canvas – Scrum Project Management

Each iteration, the team will define a new objective! So if the market really change, the team can change the objective. That is the force of scrum! The teams will have a real agility in their kind of doing.

And with the covid19 period and the coming economic crisis, this kind of frameworks seem more and more important.

We have a complete article to explain what is Scrum Project Management and how it works. Feel free to read it : Learn Scrum Project Management.

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