Scrum Master Responsibilities

scrum master responsabilities
scrum master responsabilities

So What are really the scrum master responsibilities? So we will check together what the scrum guide say about his responsibilities in this article.

Scrum master responsibilities

The role of scrum master is really important in the scrum framework; some people don’t really know what are the scrum master responsibilities! He is not a project manager, not a  manager but he is a scrum coach.

The the scrum master responsibilities are :

  • is responsible to give the good information about scrum
  • help people and the team to have a better communication
  • help the scrum team to maximize the capacity to deliver the value
  • coach and servant leader of the product owner, the development team and the rest of the organization

For the last sentence, it’s important to really understand how he will coach each person.

coaching the product owner

The scrum master have the responsibility to coach the product owner, to help him to  become better. For example, here are the scrum master responsibilities for the product owner:

  • ensure that the goals are understood by everybody
  • help the product owner to find the best practices to manage the product backlog
  • help the product owner to have the clear product backlog items (generally the user stories)
  • understand and improve the product planning in an empirical environment
  • check with the product owner that the produck backlog is well ordered
  • help him to animate some ceremonies if the product owner need help

So, you can see, the scrum master responsibilities are numerous. As you can see, the scrum guide never give a hierarchy between these two roles.

coaching the development team

Our servant-leader have also some responsabilities with the development team. For example, here are the scrum master responsibilities for the development team:

  • coach the team to become autonomous and cross-functional
  • help the development team to find the best way to deliver a quality product
  • remove all impediments that the team meet during the product progress
  • help him to animate some ceremonies if the development team need help
  • coach the team to really understand what is scrum and the best way to apply it

Indeed, the scrum master help and coach this team but he is not the manager of this team. Some agile coach recommend that the scrum master let the team settle the impediments that it can manage.

coaching the organization

This servant leader have to work with all the organization and not just with the scrum team. For example, here are the scrum master responsibilities in the organization:

  • help the organization in the adoption of scrum
  • plan the scrum implementations
  • help people in the organization to understand scrum and its fundations
  • try to improve the necessary to help the team to increase its productivity
  • work with other scrum masters to improve the interaction between teams and increase the outcomes of scrum

Indeed, the scrum master responsibilities are not just inside the scrum team but have to work with all the organization.

Conclusion scrum master responsibilities

To conclude, I hope that you really understand now that the scrum master is not a project manager but a real servant leader. Indeed, some companies ignore the importance of this role… But it’s a mistake. This role is really important and essential to improve the capacity of the team to increase its capacity to deliver high-value.

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