Leading SAFe
Agile culture

Leading SAFe – What Is It?

Agility is no longer reserved for small software development teams. Nowadays, many large enterprises are embracing large-scale agility to enhance organizational agility and deliver high-quality products more quickly. One of the most commonly used approaches […]

safe house of lean
Agile culture

SAFe House of Lean

The SAFe framework considers Lean Manufacturing and the Agile Manifesto as the foundational pillars of its culture. To illustrate the fusion of these two cultures, SAFe employs its vision of the House of Lean: the […]

agile release train
agile organization

Agile Release Train

Do you want to enhance your understanding of the SAFe framework? Are you interested in comprehending what an Agile Release Train (ART) is? If so, this article is tailored for you. Definition of Agile Release […]