Box of the Future – retrospective

box of the future - retrospective
box of the future - retrospective

Exploring the Less Common “Box of the Future” Retrospective

Discover a unique retrospective approach that might not be as popular but is truly intriguing: the “Box of the Future.” This retrospective maintains the classic retrospective essence while introducing a different format. If you’re looking to shake things up and try new formats, this might be the one for you.

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Materials Needed for the “Box of the Future” Retrospective

To conduct this retrospective, you’ll require specific materials:

  • Post-it notes (red, green, and blue)
  • A large window or a board for drawing
  • Red-colored markers
  • A shoe box
  • A pair of scissors

The overall time needed for this retrospective is around 40 minutes.

Step-by-Step Process

The “Box of the Future” retrospective offers a fresh approach while retaining the essence of a productive retrospective. It incorporates well-known Scrum retrospective concepts in a new format.

The Scrum Master should create the “Box of the Future” using a shoe box. Cut the cover to create three compartments within the box and craft three panels for drawing the following indicators: +, recycle, STOP.

Draw three separate zones on the board or craft paper on the wall, each labeled: +, recycle, and STOP.

Step 1: Input Collection

Allow participants 5 minutes to write on Post-it notes (using corresponding colors) what they view as positives (+) in the team, what can be improved (recycle), and what should be stopped (STOP). Place the Post-it notes in the respective compartments of the box.

Duration: 10 minutes

Step 2: Discussion

Participants take turns picking a Post-it note from the box, starting with the + compartment, then recycle, and ending with STOP. Engage in discussions around each written point.

Duration: 15 minutes

Step 3: Improvement Ideas

Allocate 5 minutes for participants to write improvement ideas on Post-it notes, ensuring one idea per note. Each participant briefly explains their ideas.

Duration: 10 minutes

Step 4: Prioritization

Conduct a Dot Voting to determine the top 3 improvement ideas the team will focus on during the upcoming sprint. The ideas are represented by the “idea” section at the bottom right of the learning matrix.

Remember to designate a volunteer responsible for overseeing the implementation of these improvement ideas. Empowerment is key to ensure these ideas don’t get forgotten after the retrospective concludes.

Duration: 10 minutes


Varying retrospective formats is essential to prevent monotony. The “Box of the Future” format offers a unique yet classic retrospective experience, achieving the objectives while introducing a fresh approach.

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