Retrospective #11: retro Lego

lego retrospective
lego retrospective

The “retro Lego” retrospective is a very nice retrospective which offers a very different format; teams love this format because it is very fun in its form.

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Required Material for Retro Lego

The preparation of this retrospective is relatively simple: we are going to bring a big pile of Lego to be able to build a complete building and little Lego men.

Do not hesitate to provide a large table if you do not want to look for Legos every time they easily go on the floor on small tables.

The overall time to plan is 40 minutes.

All Steps

Here are the different steps to take to complete this new retrospective.

Step 1 of Retro Lego

Each team member will have to build a station with the Legos which will follow the following rules:

  • door and two windows
    • Lego man can fit in
  • complete roof

Duration: 10 minutes

Step 2 of Retro Lego

Now, each member will have his Lego man and the scrum master will explain to them that the man will represent them and that the station becomes their place of work. How would they improve their working conditions by representing this with the Lego?

Duration: 10 minutes

Step 3 of Retro Lego

Now, the scrum master will offer each member to present their station (with the additions from step 2) and explain the desired improvements. The Scrum Master will note each improvement on a post-it.

Duration: 10 minutes

Step 4 of Retro Lego

The participants will conduct a Dot Voting to define the 3 main axes of improvement on which the team will work during the next sprint.

The Scrum Master will not forget to ask participants to choose a volunteer responsible for monitoring the implementation of these improvement axes. It is important to remember that it is essential to empower people to ensure that the improvement axes will not be forgotten after the end of the retrospective.

Duration: 15 minutes

Conclusion: Retro Lego

This retrospective of the retro Lego brings the team members to talk about the improvements using a very playful aspect. Do not hesitate to try the Lego retro and tell me if your participants appreciated this format.

Useful link: retrospective in French

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