Retrospective Dixit – Retrospective

Retrospective Dixit – Retrospective
Retrospective Dixit – Retrospective

Today, I invite you to take a look at an enjoyable retrospective: the Dixit retrospective. This retrospective, originally proposed by Agilex, is a unique alternative that might pique your interest.

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Materials Needed for the Dixit Retrospective

For this retrospective, you will need:

  • Dixit cards (available online)
  • A whiteboard and markers

The total estimated time for this retrospective is 40 minutes.


The Dixit retrospective is relatively straightforward, but it should be conducted using Dixit game cards.


In this retrospective, the facilitator begins by laying out 60 face-up cards on the table.


Step 1:

Each participant must choose a card that represents an idea they want to express:

Something that went well during the sprint. Something frustrating to work on during the sprint. Something negative that occurred during the sprint. Etc. Once all participants have selected a card, they will choose a second card that represents another idea, and then each participant will choose a third and final card.

Duration: 5 minutes

Step 2:

A participant will reveal one of the cards they previously selected. However, they should not explain their reasons. Other participants must try to guess why this card was chosen.

Once all ideas have been shared, the participant will explain why they chose that card. The facilitator will briefly note the participant’s ideas on the whiteboard.

Each participant will follow the same process. When each participant has presented their first card, they will do the same with the other cards.

Duration: 25 minutes

Step 3:

Next, all participants will suggest areas for improvement, which the facilitator will note on the whiteboard.

Duration: 5 minutes

Step 4:

The facilitator will then propose a dot voting session to select the three most important areas for improvement that should be implemented at the beginning of the next sprint.

The facilitator will also remind participants to choose a volunteer responsible for implementing each improvement area.

Duration: 5 minutes

Conclusion: Dixit Retrospective

The Dixit retrospective offers a creative way to identify areas for improvement. It is crucial not to have overly monotonous retrospectives if you want to maintain your team’s motivation for continuous improvement.

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