Retrospective #9: carrie game

carrie game retrospective
carrie game retrospective

The retrospective carrie game is a very nice retrospective to change the format; the teams like this format because it is an opportunity to eat sweets.

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Required material for carrie game

The preparation of this retrospective is relatively simple: we need to have a large opaque cup in which we will put Dragibus (sweets) of colors. The opacity of the cup is essential because the team members must not see the Dragibus they will take.

We will also make a small simple grid on the wall with 7 different columns on which we will have the place to put post’it:

  • Red: not included
  • Rose: it’s great
  • Violet: could have helped you
  • Black: horrible
  • Blue: do it differently
  • Green: learned
  • Yellow: frustrated

The overall time to plan is 40 minutes.

All steps

Here are the different steps to take to complete this new retrospective.

Step 1 of carrie game

Each turn, a member of the team will draw a Dragibus without looking. Depending on the color, he will have to write a corresponding post’it about the Dragibus theme (color determinate the theme).

For example if he took a “yellow” Dragibus, he will have to notice something that frustrated him during the sprint.

As soon as this is done, he will put his post’it on the wall (in the right column of the table) by explaining to the rest of the team the reason for his choice.

The participants will take subjects randomly (sweets) during two rounds to force participants to talk about different topics; this allows the participants to talk about things they don’t dare to say.

Duration: 20 minutes

Step 2 of carrie game

The third round is free, allowing each member of the team to talk about the subject of his choice.

Duration: 10 minutes

Step 3 of carrie game

The scrum master will finally purpose to all the participants to make a dot voting to vote the 3 most important points that the team will have to solve at the beginning of the next sprint.

We will define a monitoring officer and a commitment date for the 3 major axis of improvement determined by the dot voting.

Duration: 10 minutes


Conclusion: carrie game

Rather original, this retrospective “carrie game” brings the team members to talk about topics not always pleasant but in a nice context. Feel free to try the carrie game and tell me if your participants like this format


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