Niko Niko: Measuring the health of the team

niko niko
niko niko

The Niko Niko Calendar is a method of tracking the health of the team day after day. People are essential to the project, their good health is essential. Let see what this method is.


Agility is the individual before project management

People are the basis of projects. Without them, you will not have a project so it is essential to focus on their well being which will often result the well being of the project.

We had seen a method very similar to the Niko Niko calendar with the Mood Board.

Article:  A mood board to follow the health of the team


Concept of Niko Niko calendar

With the Niko Niko calendar, we will propose a small monthly calendar that will propose for each member of the team, one box per day. We will gray each day off (weekend, holiday …).

Know that the term Niko is the onomatopoeia of the smile in Japanese. We will follow the smile of the members of our team.

Each member could draw a smiley (good, neutral, bad) on the calendar that will represent the mood of him every day. Here is a simple example:

niko niko
niko niko

We will use the Niko Niko calendar to make a quick correlation between the health of the team and the health of the project because we know that the two are linked.

Feel free to leave post’it so that the developers in “angry” mode have the ability to explain the reason for their bad mood; this will allow him to not forget.

Unlike the Mood Board, we don’t make graphs tracking of this board and if a developer doesn’t put his mood one day, we will not consider his mood of the day as the mood of the day. I think it’s a subtlety to announce.


Conclusion Niko Niko

If you are looking for a new way to track your teams healthy, don’t hesitate to test this Niko Niko calendar. Please, don’t impose its use; If the developers don’t want to use it, don’t leave it in place. In some teams, this type of practice doesn’t work (especially in teams where everything is going well).

Do you know other methods than the Niko Niko?


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