Care Bears retrospective – retrospective #13

care bears retrospective
care bears retrospective

Today, I wanted to offer you a retrospective format that I find very nice and very different from the others: the Care Bears retrospective. This retrospective is interesting because it seeks constructive criticism through the derision and also allows the scrum master to test the coherence of the team.

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Required material for Care Bears retrospective

For this retrospective, you don’t need a lot of material:

  • sticky notes
  • pens

The overall time to plan is 40 minutes.

All steps

Here are the different steps to follow to complete this new retrospective. The animation of this retrospective is relatively simple.

Step 1 of  Care Bears retrospective

Each participant will write down the thing that was the worst for them during this sprint that ends. When each member has finished to write their sticky note, they will exchange together their sticky note (for example, each participant give their sticky note to the participant on the right).

Duration: 5 minutes

Step 2 of  Care Bears retrospective

Now, each member will have to talk about the sticky note he has in hand ; for that, he should speak of it in a positive way and never in a negative way. Usually, all the participants finish to laugh because they don’t hesitate to use the derision to talk about it.

Be careful, the other participants will have to understand the problem hidden inside his speech.

Duration: 10 minutes

Step 3 of  Care Bears retrospective

Participants will take a little time to define the axis of improvement that will try to answer to the various negative points mentioned previously.

Duration: 10 minutes

Step 4 of  Care Bears retrospective

The participants will make a Dot Voting to define the 3 main axis of improvement on which the team will work during the next sprint.

The scrum master will not forget to ask participants to choose a volunteer to be responsible for monitoring the implementation of these axis of improvement. It is important to remember that it is essential to empower people to ensure that the axis of improvement will not be forgotten after the end of the retrospective.

Duration: 10 minutes

Conclusion: Care Bears retrospective

To conclude, this retrospective is really funny and do with a good mindset; this Care Bears retrospective brings the members of the team to discuss around the pain points while keeping a pleasant context. Do not hesitate to try the Care Bears retrospective and tell me if your participants appreciated this format.

Useful link: retrospective in french

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