Impact mapping – how to build it?

impact mapping
impact mapping

There are various methods in agile to significantly enhance the project vision, especially at the beginning of a project. The method I’m introducing today is called Impact Mapping. But what exactly is Impact Mapping?

Before delving into this topic, here are several articles I’ve previously written that will help you quickly create a product vision:

What is Impact Mapping?

Behind the seemingly complex name of Impact Mapping lies a simple yet powerful visual method that improves project vision. This method is a strategic planning approach that helps align project objectives and ensures they remain on track.

Furthermore, this method can be used to easily explain the project’s nature to teams. While visual management might appear straightforward, it’s crucial for fostering a deep understanding.

Creating an Impact Mapping

First, we’ll visually represent our impact map (a drawing on the wall works wonders).

To begin, let’s follow a straightforward path to define elements. We’ll use a simple example: the creation of an ecommerce site.

Objective: Define the primary objective we aim to achieve at this level.
impact mapping – objective

Who?: Define the individuals or groups affected by the objective.
impact mapping - who

How?: Specify the methods to achieve the objective for each user.
impact mapping - how

What?: Finally, propose solutions for each “how?” defined above.
a complete impact mapping

While our example is simple, the aim is to understand the value of impact mapping. As shown, it’s visually intuitive to comprehend.

When the product owner presents an impact mapping, teams quickly gain insight into the project. Even business teams can participate in its development.

Avoid making it overly complex; the advantage of this practice is a quick, clear vision of objectives. At this point, we’re creating a global project vision similar to a “User Journey.”

Displaying impact mappings on walls can provide a comprehensive project overview.

Conclusion: Impact Mapping

I hope the Impact Mapping method proves valuable to you someday. Starting new projects can be daunting for product owners due to a lack of vision.

Additionally, feel free to share your insights on enhancing project vision.

Useful Link: Travailler la vision du produit (French)

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