Divergence and Convergence – Facilitating a Workshop

Divergence and Convergence
Divergence and Convergence

Divergence and Convergence – Have you ever facilitated a workshop? Well, the divergence and convergence concept is a powerful classic to achieve impactful results.

In this article, we’ll delve into understanding this concept, which is fundamentally simple. Are you ready to become an expert in facilitating workshops?

Divergence and Convergence

This widely used concept in the design thinking realm involves two complementary successive steps. The divergence and convergence stages aim to amplify collective creativity significantly.

Divergence Stage

The divergence stage aims to allow participants to fully express their creativity. In this phase, individuals express their ideas individually on paper (or other mediums), following a few key rules:

  • Dare to express oneself.
  • Do not hesitate to try multiple approaches.
  • Stop judging ideas and express everything.
  • Consolidate certain ideas if possible.

Indeed, the divergence moment should grant each participant absolute freedom, both in relation to others and to themselves.

Convergence Stage

The second divergence and convergence stage is equally important. It generally involves participants explaining their ideas to others using drawings in a few minutes. Subsequently, a dot voting technique may be useful to gauge the ideas most favored by the group; this provides a better understanding for convergence.

Next, participants are encouraged to converge on an idea that resonates with the majority.

Conclusion on Convergence and Divergence

This concept is truly an ideal guide in fostering creativity within teams. Do not hesitate to try it out if you want to harness the maximum potential of the ingenious ideas that your teams might offer.

Facilitation is an art that aims to bring out the best in participants. It’s a journey of unleashing creativity and collective brilliance.

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