ansible tutorial

Ansible Tutorial: Doing Deployments

Ansible is an open-source software provisioning, configuration management, and application deployment tool created by Michael DeHaan widely used in the Devops universe; many people like it for its simplicity of learning and the fact that it manages everything itself […]

starfish retrospective

Retrospective #3: Starfish

The Retrospective Starfish is a classic retrospective in the Scrum world. Seeing many requests around this retrospective, I decided to offer you an article on this one. This retrospective Starfish purpose to look for axis of improvement […]

agile organization

Scrumban ceremonies

Do you know the scrumban? It’s a mix between scrum and kanban. We will see its ceremonies to better understand the scrumban. The Scrumban also called Agile Kanban is an agile methodology that allows you […]

overall retrospective
agile organization

Overall retrospective

What’s an overall retrospective in agile world? We often associate this term with the LeSS framework but this ceremony can be interesting in other frameworks at scale. Sprint Overall Retrospective in LeSS framework The Sprint Overall […]