The most read agile articles of 2018

articles 2018
articles 2018

What were the most popular agile articles from 2018 during the year 2018? I have created this article to offer you the best articles that you could have missed.

The most read agile articles of 2018

1/ Do you know the spotify model? It’s a reference actually for a lot of companies to create their agile at scale.

2/ It’s very important in scrum to define the user-stories that will be taken by the developers and the user-stories that are done. How? Read this article to know more.

Definition of Done (DOD)

3/ You want understand what is really the difference between v-model and scrum? So this article is for you.

V-Model vs Scrum: understand the difference

4/ Do you want to know how you can split a backlog? It’s very important to know that if you want manage well it.

Product backlog, from theme to user-stories!

5/ Do you know SAFe? It’s an agile at scale framework. And the PI Planning is the more important ceremony of this framework. Here is an article to discover this ceremony.

6/ In agile, we like the visual management because it’s the better way to offer transparency.  Here is an article on this subject.

7/ The agile coachs role is not clear for you. Here is an article to understand really what is this role.

8/ The story-mapping is a very interesting practice to create your first backlog and to prioritize it. Here is an article to understand its creation.

9/ TO manage a backlog, it’s very important to know write your user-stories with an incremental and iterative approach. Here is an article to understand everything.

Write your user-stories with an incremental and iterative approach

10/ Your product owner haven’t the team for the team and to write the user-stories. I advice you to have a Proxy Product Owner to fill this gap. Here is an article to explain you this role.

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