What’s the scrum model?

scrum vs V-model - sprint planning - sprint ceremonies - scrum sprint - scrum model
scrum vs V-model - sprint planning - sprint ceremonies - scrum sprint - scrum model

We will see what’s the scrum model in this article. Scrum is a lightweight framework that give you the minimum framework to develop your application in agile.

What’s the scrum model?

The authors of scrum offer you the possibility to see the concept of scrum with the “scrum guide”. You can find it easily on google. It’s a PDF with 17 pages that explain you the framework in whole.

Scrum define :

  • 3 key roles
  • the sprint with its ceremonies
  • the backlog concept

It will be necessary to add practices to have a good framework for your project. Each project will have the different practices adapted to context.

3 pillars and 5 values

The scrum model remind 3 pillars of the framework:

  • transparency
  • inspection
  • adaptation

And the teams that do a project in scrum have to have 5 very important values:

  • commitment
  • courage
  • focus
  • openness
  • respect

3 key roles

The scrum model purpose 3 very different key roles. There are:

  • scrum master: facilitator of the team who try to offer the best environment for the developer
  • product owner: the functional responsible who write and prioritize the backlog
  • development team: the technical responsible who develop the application with the best practices to deliver a quality application

We will  see these roles in detail in another articles.

the sprint and its ceremonies

The scrum model purpose to the teams to have rhythmic iterations called sprint. One sprint starts with a sprint planning and finishs with a sprint review and retrospective.

sprint scrum - sprint model
sprint scrum – sprint model – scrum model

Here is the explanation of the ceremonies:

  • sprint planning: the product owner give the objectives to the team and the items (requests) that he wants the team develop if it have the capacity to do.
  • daily sprint: the development team align with the sprint progress.
  • product backlog refinement: the product owner purpose the items of the next sprints to refine them with the team
  • sprint review: the team see together the finished items and check the product progress. it can invite customer and stakeholder to do a demo and take feedbacks.
  • sprint retrospective: the team will work together to find the axis of improvement.

If you want to know more about these ceremonies, I advice you to read the following article:

Article: Ceremonies of scrum sprint

Backlog concept (scrum model)

The backlog is a set of items that represent a set of needs collected to create the desired product. In scrum, we talk about 3 kind of backlog:

  • product backlog: set of items to develop in the future
  • sprint backlog: set of items that the team have to develop in the current sprint
  • increment backlog: set of items achieved

I advice you to read the following article to know more about the backlog:

Article: What’s a backlog?

technical task and theme
technical task and theme – scrum model

Conclusion scrum model

Scrum is a lightweight framework that can help the team to develop a product in agile. Be careful because the scrum demand to add practices to reinforce your framework.

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