Write well a persona in agile project


If the concept of persona is well known in the marketing domain, however, persona is quite different in agile. Let’s see how to create it in agile.

Who are my personas?

It’s not always that easy to define the personas. We try to find a user type to define each persona.

For example on a ecommerce website, we would have this kind of users who represent each a different journey on the website : we would have a customer, an administrator, a logistician and a webmaster

For those who come from marketing world, they would say that there are several types of customers ; indeed,  in marketing, we create as many personas as different  kind of customer. It’s normal because we will create a marketing action by kind of customer ; a teenager doesn’t buy the same thing as an old man.

In agile, it’s not necessary because we create a persona according to his journey. All kind of customer have the same user journey (or similar) so the same needs of functionalities.

We create it in agile project to have a better vision of the product and to help to know who will be impacted by the functional needs.

This is an example of user-story that based on the persona “customer” :

« As a customer, I want to add a product in my cart ».

What’s an agile persona?

Here is a persona visually ; I never repeat that enough but we have to privilege a visual management in our agile projects.

This is an example:


To have a complete persona, we have to do a sheet that present the context, the goals/behaviors and what does this entail.

Picture: it’s a good start to do a drawing or to put a picture on it. The goal: have a persona more human.

Context: We describe the persona to obtain helpful informations (age, gender can be important). They can show the persona’s possible behaviors.

Goals and behaviors: we describe what the persona looks for; so, we will know how to answer it with our product.

What doaes this entail: we will define something that answer the needs of persona.

It can also be interesting to highlight the “goals” of the project on the wall in order to be visible for everybody.


Now, personas are no mystery for you anymore. Do not hesitate to use them in your agile project.

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