The 5 scrum values

5 scrum values
5 scrum values

Like extreme programming, the scrum guide suggests that teams follow 5 scrum values:

  • commitment
  • courage
  • focus
  • openness
  • respect

How can we translate these scrum values within this agile framework?

5 scrum values, explanation

The objective of these scrum values is to bring out the implementation of the 3 scrum pillars: transparency, inspection, adaptation. The teams will discover these values throughout the methodological life cycle of the scrum framework.


In scrum, the development teams and the product owner are autonomous in their respective activities. This will bring them to a strong commitment.

The scrum teams will commit to producing, to taking their autonomy, to making strong decisions on the product. Without commitment, the implementation of this agile framework will not work.


Become independent is not so easy especially in some complex organizations. It will be necessary for the scrum teams to have the courage to achieve this autonomy.

It will also take courage for the product owner to say “NO” and remain the boss of his backlog and his prioritization.

Teams quickly understand this essential value of the 5 scrum values.



To follow a sustainable and quality rhythm, the members of the scrum team must be focused on the product they produce, on the objectives to be achieved.

It is essential to be focused on the product if the teams want to quickly have results that meet their expectations. Sometimes the focus aspect is also necessary on the individual himself; indeed, you should not do several things at the same time, but rather focus on a specific task and do it well.


If scrum becomes very popular, very used in companies, it is sometimes a transcription of a mini V-model. All the members of the team must have an open mind and accept the rules of this agile framework which are difficult to follow.


The scrum advocates respect within the teams. This is probably the reason to say that there is no title among the members of the development team. Respect between different members of the team will be essential to move in the same direction.

Conclusion 5 scrum values

By reading all these values and examples to explain them, do you think that your teams respect them? If not, isn’t it the time to work on these 5 scrum values?


Useful link : scrum – our guide in french

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