Agile Transformation – definition

agile transformation
agile transformation

A lot of companies try to do an agile transformation these last years; They think that it’s a mandatory today to change quickly to have the capacity to survive in this market where the competition is more and bigger. Globalization impose to change! But these agile transformation are complicated because the culture have to changer  and a lot of companies have the big difficulties to change their culture.

To do an agile transformation, the company have to:

  • change the mindset
  • evolve the internal culture
  • some methods and practices

Agile Transformation – how to do

An agile transformation is very complicated to do; No magical solution. As the Business Agility explain, you have to work on 12 domains to really do this kind of transformation.

business agility
business agility – agile transformation

Indeed if the company don’t really work on these 12 domains, you have a lot of chance that the transformation fail quickly.

Some change agent (people work on the transformation) use the 8 steps of change of Kotter. This concept remind the different steps to have more chance to succeed. Just for information, these 8 steps explain how to launch a transformation in a company; they are the result of a big analyze of some transformations in the organizations. It’s 100% compatible with the business agility concept.

An agile transformation is not to bring some agile framework in the teams; Indeed, you have to evolve the company culture so that it acheive to have this agile culture.

Can we use a pilot?

Some companies prefer to start with a pilot to be sure that the transformation ca work. However, generally, this is conceptualized by the application of an agile framework… It’s not sufficient to confirm that the company could change.

So if you decide to do a pilot, you have to try to raise awareness of the rest of the company. Some methods exists:

  • internal meetup
  • sensitization

If you just do a pilot, you have more risks that a  lot of people refuse to follow the transformation. People will not understand why one team is favored compared to others…

The best way to start an agile transformation?

I advice you to find some senior agile coach to give you a lot of chance to succeed. A lot of companies have failed this change because they want to do themselves or they take junior profile (cheaper)… Yes, the senior profile are expensive but they have the experience to give them more chance to succeed; if the company think it’s easy to chance: it’s a mistake.

The agile transformations are complex and just a part of the companies have a real success in their change. So the company have no other choice: it have to invest to launch a real agile transformation.

Useful link: business agility in french

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