Daily Cycle Board to remember daily tasks

daily cycle board
daily cycle board


Utilizing a Daily Cycle Board for team visual management is a beneficial practice for monitoring daily tasks. However, team members might become less diligent in updating and maintaining it when the visual management becomes saturated.

Teams with comprehensive visual management don’t inherently exhibit greater discipline in its upkeep. While the initial advice often includes removing obsolete information, consistent maintenance of visual management remains essential for optimal utilization. The Daily Cycle Board can serve as the initial step toward a solution.

The Concept of the Daily Cycle

The Daily Cycle involves a daily routine adhered to by the team. It becomes more effective and enjoyable if the tasks to be completed each morning are listed on a specific board immediately after the Daily Meeting.

Creating a Simple Daily Cycle Board

Using a sizeable piece of paper, visually depict your morning rituals that the team collectively agrees to undertake following the Daily Meeting. The Daily Cycle Board should be placed within the team’s workspace.

Here’s an example of what the Daily Cycle Board might look like:

daily cycle board
daily cycle board

This practice is straightforward to implement and quite effective. I recommend incorporating a small avatar that can be moved to signify progress and encourage the team’s adherence to the Daily Cycle.

Here are some tips to seamlessly integrate the daily cycle as a ritual:

  • Ensure the board is enjoyable and reflective of the team’s character.
  • Employ an avatar to indicate your current position within the cycle board.
  • Ensure everyone comprehends the cycle that needs to be followed.
  • Make sure the board is large enough to be visible from a distance.

In Conclusion – The Daily Cycle Board

If you’re experiencing challenges with maintaining your visual management, don’t hesitate to give this practice a try and let me know how it works for you. I’m suggesting the Daily Cycle Board because I’ve personally found success using it.


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