Daily Cycle Board to remember daily tasks

daily cycle board
daily cycle board

Using a daily cycle board to support team visual management is a useful practice to keep track of your daily tasks.  Team members are less likely to update and maintain with saturation of visual management.

Teams with comprehensive visual management aren’t necessarily more disciplined in its maintenance.  If the first advice is often to remove any obsolete information, consistent maintenance of visual management is indispensable to truly make best usage of it.  The Daily cycle board can be the first step towards a solution.

Daily Cycle

Daily Cycle is a cycle to respect every day in the team. It will be more pleasant and useful for them, if we list the tasks to do every morning in a specific board just after the Daily Meeting.

Easy concept of the Daily Cycle Board

Using a large piece of paper, represent, through drawing or icons, all your of your morning rituals that the team has agreed to complete following the Daily Meeting.  The Daily Cycle Board will be placed in the team workspace area.

This is an example of the Daily Cycle Board:

daily cycle board
daily cycle board

This practice is very easy to establish and quite efficient. I advise you to add a small avatar that you could move in the future to force the team to respect the Daily Cycle.

Here are a few tips to help you better integrate the daily cycle as a ritual:

  • Your board must be fun and reflective of the team’s personality
  • An avatar to help highlight your current position at any given time in the cycle board
  • Make sure everyone understands the cycle to respect
  • Make it large enough to be visible from afar.

Conclusion Daily Cycle Board

If you also have a little problem on the updating of your visual management, do not hesitate to try this practice; and tell me if it works well. I purpose you this practice of the Daily Cycle Board because it’s a  success when I use it.

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