Ice Breaker #8: make it rain

ice breaker english
ice breaker english

Today, I’m going to introduce a little Energizer that I discovered with another coach: make it rain. We will see in this article how to animate this little Energizer.

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Make it rain

This energizer aims to give a little energy to the whole group while having fun.

Duration: 10 minutes for the classic version

Step 1 of make it rain

The facilitator will ask all participants to stand in a circle. He explains the few rules to know:

He will turn on himself by making a gesture that participants will have to copy; participants will do this gesture only when the facilitator is turned towards them.

A reminder: the exercise must be done without speaking in order to hear the sound made by the participants.

Here is a small picture to better understand:


make it rain - exemple
make it rain – example

Step 2 of make it train

The facilitator will then turn on himself gently and each time he will do a complete turn, he will change his gesture. As soon as the facilitator is facing the participants, they will do the same thing.

Normally if it is well done, there is a feeling of rain in the room and storm in the middle of the energizer.

Here are the actions to perform:

  • rub his hands
  • clap his hands
  • bang on his knees
  • kicking the floor
  • bang on his knees
  • clap his hands
  • rub his hands

Conclusion : make it rain

So to conclude, this Energizer is very friendly and will fill your debut workshops. It will put a good energy to all participants who will be in good mood for the rest of the workshop.

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