Jira vs Trello – Review, Comparison

jira vs trello
jira vs trello

This article should unleash the passions because there are always inveterate lovers of certain tools. But it is a real subject that deserves a little thought and the answer is not so simple in reality: Jira vs Trello, which one to choose?

Jira vs Trello, which one to choose?

Those who know me, know that I will not tell you my favorite tool between the both. They are two tools of high quality but which do not meet the same needs.

It will be interesting  to see the strengths and weaknesses of these two excellent tools so that you have a maximum of elements to make your own choice.

If you see others elements, don’t hesitate to tell me, these will complete the article. Many people still contact me to know the differences between the two.

Let’s go for a Jira vs Trello!

Jira vs Trello: let’s talk about Jira

Jira has become the most popular tool because according to some analyses, it’s the main tool of agile project management in more than 90% of companies.

The qualities of Jira

This tool is not so popular for nothing; it has a lot of qualities:

  • very complete … even too complete
  • many complementary plugins
  • dissociated boards from workflows
  • a JQL querier (close to SQL) to create filters
  • ability to do multiple sprints
  • ability to have multiple boards for a project or board for multiple projects
  • its links and complementarities with confluence
  • full rights management
  • connectable with many external tools
  • possible to configure new fields
  • many charts more or less well done
  • cloud version or version to install itself

I did not mention everything but Jira has a lot of undeniable qualities. We like or we do not like the tool but we can only accept its qualities.

The disadvantages of Jira

Jira is not free of defects that must be known before launching on it. Here are the main defects that I can make on this tool:

  • outside IT, people have great difficulty to use it or even sulk
  • its ergonomics is still too complex
  • the plugins are quickly unusable when we twist his Jira
  • it takes a lot of time to master it
  • only one possible assignment per request
  • version to install requires server management
  • responds much better to sensitive data concerns (RGPD, HDS, patents, etc.)

If Jira is a big box of agile project management tools, it is very complex to take in hand. It is not uncommon to see many peoples sulking and seeing the tool used only by members of the IT.

However, as noted by Duhila A., it is possible to have Jira host on its own servers and therefore to better respond to sensitive data issues.

Usefull link: Jira

Jira vs Trello: let’s talk about Trello

Trello is very popular in building small boards. If it’s hard to get into the business as a major agile project management tool, it’s not uncommon to see teams to do anything and everything on Trello.

The qualities of Trello

Trello has many undeniable qualities that make it often the first choice to make boards quickly. Here are the main qualities that could be mentioned:

  • we can create a board usable in less than 5 minutes
  • it is very easy to use, everyone knows how to use it quickly
  • a tool that goes straight to the point
  • visually very nice
  • some very useful plugins like Stylish
  • free in its classic use
  • plugins that might interest you (1 free installation possible)

Trello is a simple tool but a formidable efficiency. If there are paid options on it, they are really not necessary.

The disadvantages of  Trello

Trello does not have much flaws if we use it for what it purposes. I will try to list the main flaws that Trello may have for all possible uses. Its flaws are:

  • no advanced rights management
  • a board is a workflow
  • we can not do complex kanban board
  • we recreate new fields if we have not used other power-ups (for the free version)
  • Does not respond to the concerns of sensitive data (RGPD, HDS, patents, etc.)

At the time of writing the article, Trello does not respond to sensitive data issues. This is an issue for some companies and may cause Trello to be excluded from any choice of project management tools.

Usefull link: trello

So which one to choose? Jira vs Trello

It’s up to you but Jira and Trello, although they both offer boards do not meet the same needs.

If you want to have a very complete and secure management tool then Jira is for you; on the other hand if you want a simple tool open to all who is the simple digital representation of a board then Trello is for you.

This comparison will not reveal big winners because they are both great tools. You just have to understand that if they both have boards, they are very different in their approaches.

Winner of Jira vs Trello?

None according to me

If you had to do a Jira vs Trello, which tool would you think is the best? Don’t hesitate to purpose me in comment your Jira vs Trello! It is true that the subject of Jira vs Trello sometimes inflamed communities; it is interesting to share the points of view together.

Are you Scrum Master? So which one, the team prefer?

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