SAFe certification – Which one to choose

safe certifications
safe certifications

This article discusses the various SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) certifications available and aims to help readers choose the certification that best suits their needs and career goals.

Introduction to SAFe Certifications

The article starts by acknowledging that SAFe offers a total of 13 different certifications, making it somewhat challenging to select the most suitable one. It then provides insights into some of the most sought-after SAFe certifications to guide readers in their decision-making process.

SAFe Program Consultant (SPC) Certification

The SPC certification is highlighted as a popular choice. This certification is described as comprehensive and geared towards individuals who aspire to work in organizational transformation. It’s seen as an advanced certification level that holds value with recruiters. The article emphasizes that obtaining this certification requires significant effort, including a challenging exam and additional self-study between the training and the exam.

SAFe Agilist (SA) Certification

The SA certification is introduced as a popular option for individuals who want to understand SAFe and its principles. It’s recommended for those seeking an agile awareness and the foundational knowledge to work effectively in a SAFe environment. The article suggests that this certification is relatively easy to obtain if one takes the training seriously.

SAFe Release Train Engineer (RTE) Certification

The RTE certification is discussed as a significant option for those aiming to become an effective Release Train Engineer. This role is considered crucial within the SAFe framework. While some experienced Scrum Masters might assume the RTE position without the certification, having the certification can strengthen one’s CV. The article notes that while the RTE certification is easier to obtain than SPC, it still requires additional knowledge-building between training and the exam.

SAFe Practitioner (SP) Certification

The SP certification is identified as a popular choice for individuals seeking a foundational understanding of their role within a SAFe environment. Similar to the SA certification, it’s recommended for those who want to join a SAFe organization and possess the minimum necessary skills. The article suggests that the SP certification is easy to achieve with proper focus during training.

Overview of Other SAFe Certifications

The article provides an overview of other SAFe certifications and categorizes them into two groups. It mentions that certifications like Scrum Master, Scrum Master Advanced, and Product Owner are covered by other well-established certification bodies (such as and Scrum Alliance) and that obtaining a SAFe certification for these roles might not significantly impact recruiters’ perceptions. The article also notes that some SAFe certifications are very specific and cater to a niche audience.
Useful Link: The article includes a link to the agile framing certification for readers interested in exploring additional certification options.

In conclusion, the article aims to help readers understand their options when considering SAFe certifications and provides insights into the most popular certifications and their potential benefits.

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