Add roadmap to Jira

roadmap jira
roadmap jira

Jira is now the project management tool which are the most use in agile. If this tool is very complete, sometime you need to add some plugins to have more options useful for your context; some teams need to add roadmap to Jira. Indeed, some companies have to manage a roadmap for their products. Good news, An excellent plugin allow to create a complete roadmap to follow the product progress.

So today, let’s see the plugin “Easy Agile Roadmaps” purposed by Easy Agile which will give you a lot of possibilities to manage your roadmap. Just one advice: don’t forget to be agile because this plugin purpose a lot of options.

Add roadmap to Jira

If you have Jira you can add the plugin “Easy Agile Roadmaps” that you can find on the Jira marketplace. It’s really easy to install: everything is automatic. If you’re not sure, no worry; you have 30 days to try it free.

Add roadmap to Jira
Add roadmap to Jira

When the plugin is automatically installed, all your kanban and scrum board will be linked with a respective roadmap. You can to access it with the new icon (road symbol) appear in the visual menu of your project in the left :

Easy Agile Roadmaps
Easy Agile Roadmaps

Indeed, this plugin give you the impression that theses roadmaps are directly include in Jira; It is not surprising because Easy Agile purpose the best pluging for Jira since a long time. Even if the management of a roadmap impose some ergonomic adaptations, this plugin is very closed to the classic ergonomic of Jira. Add roadmap in Jira is not complicated as you can see.

User Interface of the tool

The user interface is really easy to understand. You can drag & drop your epics or issues directly on the time line. You have a lot of options to manage the final display and it’s possible to export the result in PDF. The plugin add some concepts and allow you to do some classic tasks directly inside (no need to go back in classic Jira page).

Here is an example of display:

roadmap interface - add roadmap to Jira
roadmap interface – add roadmap to Jira

Conclusion: add roadmap to Jira

If you need to have a complete tutorial about this plugin, ask me in comment. It will be possible to plan that.

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