Kudo Cards: congratulations between us

kudo cards
kudo cards

The management 3.0 brings a practice that I like so much ; I’m talking about the Kudo cards to thank or congratulate colleagues. It’s very important to motivate the team and sometime the manager forget to do it.

Management often forgets the human aspect

In some companies, the manager is totally absent or completely disconnected from the group he should manage. The manager 3.0 is the one manager who leads and not the one who is directive.

Many studies have shown that employees in countries such as France can make the decision to resign their contract or see their motivation drop because of lack of recognition. Is not it a shame to see productivity drop and turnover increase because we forgot to say “Thank you” or “Congratulation guys”?


Let’s change our practices with Kudo cards

Let’s put Kudo cards at the disposal of the team so that we can bring back this very important recognition for everyone. What better than to be congratulated for a good job?

It’s very simple to prepare. You print and cut out the Kudo Cards and make them available to the entire team. For my part, I put them on the wall so that people see and use them.

Here is a Kudo Wall composed of 7 different Kudo Cards:


Kudo Wall
Kudo Wall consisting of 7 Kudo Cards

It is also possible to purpose small packets of Kudo Cards to allow each member of the team to award a card to one of these colleagues with the possibility to make a small comment (even if he’s absent).

You will understand that this exercise doesn’t prohibit a manager from becoming a 3.0 (agile) manager who knows how to thank and congratulate the teams when they deserve in order to motivate them.

Here is a link to find an example of Kudo Cards: the cards to print.


Conclusion Kudo cards

This technique is very simple to set up; it brings a lot to the motivation of the troops which by default allows to have a better productivity.

Feel free to test this technique that has been proven in many companies today. Feel free to give me feedback if you have already tested or later when you will have tested.


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